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Germantown Espresso Bar
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Germantown Espresso Bar is a super awesome cafe that wants to be friends with the whole neighborhood and keep them caffeinated! The Espresso Bar's coffee supplier is Quaker City Coffee, a locally founded company which helps those transitioning from the prison system reenter the employment world.
More About This Place

"We love our neighborhood and both of us live about a ten minute walk from the shop, just a few minutes from where Miles grew up. We live and breathe coffee and are excited to be able to offer such a quality and unique product and feel grateful to have met so many people from Germantown in the time we've been open."

Miles Orion Butler and Jeff Podlogar, Co-Owners

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26 West Maplewood Mall
Philadelphia PA 19144
Mon: 7AM - 7PM
Wed: 7AM - 7PM
Thu: 7AM - 7PM
Fri: 7AM - 7PM
Sat: 8AM - 6PM
Sun: 8AM - 4PM
Insider Tips
  • We have an open mic every Thursday and music every weekend.
  • We offer full pound bags for just $14.50 plus a free coffee!
Germantown Avenue is part of the Colonial Germantown National Historic District, the longest National Historic District in the U.S.
The first written protest against slavery was written in 1688 at the corner of Germantown Ave & Wister St.
Pioneering free jazz musician Sun Ra moved his band The Arkestra from New York City to Germantown in 1968 and never left.
Germantown Avenue, also known as "The Great Road," follows an Indian path from the Delaware River.
Germantown was an independent municipality until 1854, when it became part of the City of Philadelphia.
During the Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1793, President George Washington and his cabinet moved to Germantown.


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