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Acclaim Academy
Acclaim Academy is an early childhood learning center in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide active, targeted sensory stimulation to infants in order to excite and increase their ability for early learning. Older children are provided a playful, academically and intellectually enriching curriculum to increase their ability to learn school-related skills at earlier ages. This will provide the foundation for them to become high academic achievers.
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Our teachers and staff are chosen for their warmth, experience, and knowledge of early childhood development. All of our teachers and staff are involved in ongoing professional training.


Our curriculum reflects our belief that all children are bright, and each will expand their intellectual potential through early exposure to reading, math, art and science concepts. We are a quality school for early learning that offers our children a healthy social and educational experience. We provide qualified supervision in a modern, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.

Our children participate in activities that help develop essential skills, build independence and instill respect for self and others.


We value art and culture. Our atmosphere is infused with classical, jazz, and multicultural music. We celebrate traditions and customs from around the world!

5615 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19144
During the Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1793, President George Washington and his cabinet moved to Germantown.
The first written protest against slavery was written in 1688 at the corner of Germantown Ave & Wister St.
Pioneering free jazz muscian Sun Ra moved his band The Arkestra from New York City to Germantown in 1968 and never left.
Germantown Avenue, also known as "The Great Road," follows an Indian path from the Delaware River.
Germantown was an independent municipality until 1854, when it became part of the City of Philadelphia.
Germantown Avenue is part of the Colonial Germantown National Historic District, the longest National Historic District in the U.S.


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