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About Germantown

Nestled in the northwest section of Philadelphia, Germantown is a neighborhood steeped in history, well known for its historical attractions and Quaker roots. In addition to the neighborhood’s extraordinary historic houses, destinations, and museums – from the first-ever American protest against slavery to a key battle site during the American Revolution – Germantown is also home to a rich arts community and growing cultural scene. Many businesses, small shops, and restaurants line the neighborhood’s main streets.


Just six miles from Philadelphia City Hall, this neighborhood has a character that is completely its own.

Community News & Events

September 21, 2017
Interstellar/Ascension Jam Session
September 09, 2017
The 6th Annual Germantown Show
September 07, 2017
Vernon Park remains community anchor in Germantown
The first written protest against slavery in the new world was written in Germantown in 1688.
Pioneering free jazz muscian Sun Ra moved his band The Arkestra from New York City to Germantown in 1968 and never left.
Germantown Avenue, also known as "The Great Road," follows an Indian path from the Delaware River.
Germantown was an independent municipality until 1854, when it became part of the City of Philadelphia.
During the Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1793, President George Washington and his cabinet moved to Germantown.
Germantown Avenue is part of the Colonial Germantown National Historic District, the longest National Historic District in the U.S.


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